Whole cuts
made from plants

• What We Do

We are creating clean, more sustainable, and highly realistic alternatives to whole muscle cut animal products.

By combining plant ingredients and food-grade microorganisms, we deliver the textures, flavors, and nutritional benefits of meat without its moral and environmental costs.

• Our Vision

Clean & highly realistic plant based alternatives to whole muscle cuts

Whole Cuts Technology

Whole Cuts Technology

Spun out of MIT, Chunk is the first to enable large-scale manufacturing of healthy, realistic whole muscle cut meat alternatives. Our first target is beef, but fish, seafood, and poultry are next.

Fermentation Enabled

Fermentation Enabled

Our fermentation technology combines novelty and tradition. It enables the creation of any kind of whole muscle cut texture, nutritional profile, and appearance, with a short and clear ingredient deck.

Clean Label

Clean Label

Our products use just a handful of healthy, recognizable ingredients. That’s it. No gums, stabilizers, or GMOs are used in our products. We make the food we would like to eat.

• The Team

Amos Golan
CEO & Founder

Fabio Zon
Fermentation Scientist

Tamara Churges
Operations Coordinator

Yigal Picard
Process Development Engineer

Itay Uri
Senior Food Technologist

Shani Moria
Food Technologist

Ben Rivlin
R&D Project Manager

Alex Bronstein
Senior Microbiologist

Ori Pilo Kerman
Microbiology Technician

Ben Levi
Food Technologist

Noa Weiss
Junior Food Technologist

• Our Partners